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Trial Work: Variety is the Spice of Life.

I have practiced nearly 30 years. I have not found it boring and have loved doing it. I have been blessed with a variety of cases and have not been afraid to push my boundaries a little from time-to-time. I have worked as a federal law clerk, state prosecutor, federal prosecutor, insurance defense attorney, criminal defense attorney and plaintiff’s attorney. When necessary I have either consulted with or co-counseled with someone if I did not feel comfortable handling a specific area of substantive law. In larger firms where people specialize and handle only one type of case, it may become boring. If you specialize you will undoubtedly make more money. The downside is that you may get burnt out from the monotony of doing the same type of case over and over. However, even if you specialize it helps to get outside your area of the law even if it is just reading advance sheets. This expands your analogical skills and you may discover a different way of approaching a problem by way of analogy. Not only is variety the spice of life, it may also increase your legal creativity and make you a better trial attorney. Registered & Protected

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