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Do it for the love…

Today I learned Magistrate LaRue died after leaving legacy of doing justice on the bench as fine and fair jurist.  As a private attorney she advocated for civil rights for the everyday man.  She did it for the love.  

A friend of my son Al, John Overton, released a rap/hip hop Album “While I Was Away” which contains a song my son collaborated with him on  called “Do It for the Love” which carries this theme through it lyrics.  They are pursuing their love making music.

I have always told my children all I want is “the love”.  Life is short and uncertain. No matter what your goals in life are “do it for the love”, not the money.  Your greatest chance for personal fulfillment is to do what you love.  As the line goes “if you do a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

I am lucky because I am doing what I love… advocating for the everyday man sometimes against long odds and literally at times fighting City Hall.  To those, such as myself, who are fortunate enough to have the privilege to practice law,  pursue justice and strive for excellence, but above all else do it for the love. God bless…

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