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Long Live the Attorney Irving Fink, My Hero

They say the law is a jealous mistress. Well this mistress has kept company with a living legend… Irving Fink. I am blessed to have Mr. Fink in my office and soak in his wealth of knowledge and wisdom. He has practiced law for six decades and still comes into the office four days a week to practice his craft. He use to come in five days a week, but decided to cut back a little now that he has reached his 94th birthday. Three score and 5 years ago, Mr. Fink became an attorney. That’s right folks, 1949. He has been married to his wife, Bea, even longer. Mr. Fink has championed the causes of “David against Goliath.” He is a published poet-laureate (See his book of poetry, To Stretch a Heart and Other Poems. Most importantly, he and his wife Bea, have successfully raised their children and have seen them attained professional recognition and success in their chosen fields. A few years ago, in his early nineties, Mr. Fink and a younger attorney in our office, Bill Levy (he was in his 80s at the time) successfully tried a case to verdict before a local jury against a national insurance company.

His positive outlook, joy for life and love of the law is truly a thing of profound beauty. His affection for poetry and a life well-lived, requires a quote from one of his poems reflecting on life and old age:

When new infirmities strike me
And I know I’m losing the race
I hope I’ll remain determined
To face what comes with grace.

-from “On Reaching Ninety-Two”

I hope that Mr. Fink is with us for years to come. But, when the time comes and Mr. Fink joins God, you can bet that if there is a Court of Reckoning in Heaven, Mr. Fink will be there representing the underdog with grace and wisdom gained from a life well-lived.

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