Solo Practice – How Can I Compete?

You are in a small firm or maybe even a solo practitioner and you are trying to keep up with a large law firm and their army of attorneys. What do you do? Well you could seek out a co-counsel arrangement with a more experienced attorney. You should not just turn over the case to co-counsel and forget about it. Instead, actively participate and learn the ropes from an expert. You can also join a professional association and seek mentors from its ranks.  If you are doing plaintiff’s work, I would strongly recommend that you join the Trial Lawyers Association and become a Sustaining Member or join the ABA litigation section. If your state is like Indiana, there is a confidential Trial Lawyers list serve website where attorneys share advise, strategy, information, research, briefs and forms. It is a great equalizer because attorneys will gladly and freely share information and advice with new attorneys or old (unlike the defense side). It’s like belonging to a large law firm because you can get help from hundreds of attorneys for free. These trial lawyer associations also maintain legal brief data bank and deposition data bank for experts who regularly testify for the defense. So don’t go it alone, next time call a colleague! Registered & Protected

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